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Swami Laxmandas Avadhootji is one of the greatest yoga and spiritual masters who is known as Laughing Saint of Himalayas. He is Nitya Koti (ever realized) - a living realized master and an epitome of love, peace and wisdom. Every devotee and disciple claims that master loves him/her much more than the rest, a living example of manifestation of eternal consciousness like Gopis, always considered that Lord Krishna loved them much more than any other person. For the last more than 50 years, he is offering blessings to his disciples, monks and people whosoever approaches him.

A wandering monk at the age of 12 years, penance in Gangotri and Rishikesh for more than 10 years, complete surrender to his master, fearlessness, courage and love, compassion for all had evolved him much faster than normal spiritual aspirants. Not much is known about his birthday as he followed strictly the order of monk, not to divulge the birth and about parents to anyone.

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