Six Feet Tall, Stoutly built , extremely bright and fair in Complexion, with Sparkling eyes Swami ji possessed very charming and magnetic personality. His 5ft stick in one hand and wooden food bowl in the other , Long saffron robes with stole further added to his charms .His aura ,vibrations and the fragrance uplifted and transport one to the Divine world immediately. Treasurehouse of Miraculous Spiritual Powers, like a live wire his intended touch would energise and charge one to an indescribable Effervescence and Awakening. He not only had remarkable grasp of Vedas, Upanishads, Ramayan Bhagwad Gita, Vairagya shatak, Ashtavakra Gita and other Hindu Scriptures but also of Guru Granth Sahib, Bible and Quran. Fearless and fluent in speech he instantly quoted from these and other Scriptures on the Same Topic leaving his audience Spellbound. He co-related their Principles with the Practical aspects of Daily life and clearly explained the causes of People’s miseries. Simultaneously he also explained well defined methods to get rid of them to attain Permanent Peace Tranquility and Bliss. Widely known as” Laughing Saint” amongst the contemporary saints of his time swami ji was an embodiment of Selfless Love, Compassion piety and service to the mankind especially saints of Uttarakhand (North India).

It would not be an exaggeration to say that God descended on earth, in the form of Swami ji for his followers & the Poor and deprived. He gave equal importance to the rich and poor, high and low as per their needs . People of all sects Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Jains and Christians would throng around him for his blessings and company. Bubbling with Joy and Bliss he was simple, natural and innocent like a child and would be appeased very easily .He would happily donate everything to the deserving and needy without a second thought and was contended to the core of his heart . He didn’t desire or expect anything from anyone and that made him invincible.

An Eternal Storehouse of knowledge and experience he had child like behavior on one hand and most intelligent experienced intellectual mind on the other as he would solve the toughest problems of his devotees within moments. The divine Love and affection that he showered upon the People and his Simple lifestyle amused everyone and made him fall in love instantaneously. Master of superhuman divine powers he would solve the most intricate problems of his devotees and others who came to seek relief without any expectations in return.

He toured extensively all over India on foot from kashmir to Kanyakumari and Gujrat to north east all the 12 jyotirlingas and most of the religious places of India on Pilgrimage. A realized saint swami lakshman das ji’s audacious journey in the most difficult glaciers of Himalayas from Badri nath to Kedarnath and many other snow capped mountains.

Swami Lakshman Das Ji’s main emphasis was on “ Seva “,” Simran” and ” Satsang “- Service to the mankind worshipping God remembering him everytime , participating in company of great saints, listening to scriptures and translating these into life. He used to say there is no use of the great knowledge until it is applied into one’s behaviour. His catch words are ”SABHI JANO SE PREM KAR APNE JAISA JAN “( Love everybody in the same manner you yourself would like to be loved) and “SAB ROGON KI EK DAWAI HASNA SEEKHO MERE BHAI“ (Laughing is the best medicine of all ailments, Learn it).

For those who would visit his ashram shri Lakshman Kutir at Tapovan Lakhsman jhoola ,Rishikesh is an extensively and extremely decorated with flowers and his teaching displayed on either side of path amidist a row of palm trees on either sided with green lawns is a great stressbuster .With no idols or temple anywhere in the Courtyard, there lies a statue/ replica of a deadbody which reminds everyone that the end of the Journey of our Life is Death and that too barehanded ! His another Ashram by the same name is located in Gangotri (Uttarkashi) on the banks of ,” Mother Ganga” amidst the meadows and Pine & Deodar Trees ,a very relaxing resort cum sacred location for Meditation Yoga and Penance. Swami ji spent very long time of his life here . His room Cottages and his cave are the living testimony of his divinity. Immortal as he is , his presence is felt in his ashrams both at Rishikesh and Gangotri, his laugher and teachings reverberate the entire environment. Situated at the bank of ganga both these ashrams are quiet an attraction for devotees and the Tourists.

His preaching are collected in 108 flowers of a garland called “lakshman mala” a pocket size book which explicitly states simplest methods to realize god in this very life only.

Out of his commitment to saints he would serve them physically and materially with whatever he had and was known as “ MOTHER OF SAINTS “ in the Uttarakhand Himalayas.

And excellent singer swami ji was very poetic and very witty he would occasionally burst into thunderous laughter in his discussion preaching to his devotees. He would quote Indian scriptures sayings from swami ramtirth, bule shah, swami ramkrishn paramhans, vivekanand at ease.

Lucky those who were fortunate to have his company for longer periods would say that he was a living God, the one whom they were searching for all along their life. Empathetic to the suffering of the people and their mundane desires that swamiji would immediately take them over him and solve same with his divine powers within seconds with his super human powers. There are instances of giving life to dead and curing the incurable diseases which he himself suffered for them. For many of those for whom he suffered and took over their serious problems, he was no less than Jesus Christ. He staked his own life for the sake of others and saved many of them from certain death. Some of them are alive to tell the tales of his miraculous Spiritual Powers.